What kind of Barcelona do you want?

Other tourists or locals?

Some go abroad and cruise with other tourists. Some go abroad and want to see the natives. Well, to understand what’s it really like. I’ll guide you to best local bars, streetfood festivals, parties promoted only in small circles that happen in tiny clubs or warehouses or I’ll send you hiking in the mountains. You choose. I help.

2h waiting at Sagrada Familia?

Some people wait 2h to get into Sagrada Familia, some hike half a day between apartment buildings trying to find Parc Güell (I’ve done them all myself). Some ask me for help and enjoy Barcelona sightseeing troublefree and without wasting time. I’ll help to plan your days and give tips so you can enjoy all must-see Barcelona attractions effortless.

FC Barcelona game

FC Barcelona is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. Even if you prefer Ronaldo to Messi it’s still amazing to see the team playing together in front of 90,000 people. Getting tickets might get confusing sometimes but I’ll help you with that as well. Or if you don’t want to go to the stadium I’ll send you to bars where you can lose your voice with other fans.

Dusty grey or golden beaches

Barceloneta beach is the most famous thus overcrowded and dirty beach where your belongings might disappear quickly and guys selling cerveza-beer yell into your ear non-stop. I’ll show you wonderful beaches where the sand is silkier, sun is brighter and waves waving friendlier.

Overcrowded La Rambla or local festivities

You can stroll with socks’n’sandals tourists down La Rambla or taste divine elixirs at local beer and wine festivals, Instagram massive street decorations at Festa Major de Grácia and run with fire breathing dragons at correfocLa Rambla you can find yourself. With other events I can help.

Gourmet or frozen?

Thanks to mass tourism half the city is filled with microwave restaurants where you usually need to send the food back and ask nicely to heat it another two minutes as it’s a bit icy inside. Come to Barcelona city tour with me and I’ll show you best local eateries where you can gulp delicious tapas with the locals and taste scary-looking seamonsters. Barcelona is heaven for food junkies. You just need to know the places.

Discover the real Barcelona

Barcelona is a magical city. You must experience it yourself. See it, touch it, smell it.

Discover the city that Freddy Mercury sang about, the city which George Orwell fought for against general Franco, and city, where when you go watch tennis G. Pique and Shakira sit next to you (ok, well, maybe like 10m away).

Come to Barcelona! I'll help You plan your vacation and you enjoy better parties, local bars, great food, amazing cocktails, delicious wine, beautiful beaches or nature and mountains. You choose! I just help.

Living in Barcelona demands sacrifices

Walked kilometers
Too big and delicious meals
Drank café con leches
Sunny days

Experience Barcelona like a local

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Your local friend in Barcelona

Enjoy Barcelona tailored to your needs

Save your nerves, time and money with a local Barcelona guide

What people say

“In Barcelona I got a new foodgasm every day, tasted the best gin tonics, went to burlesque festival and pool party plus wine festival in a small village. Watched FC Barcelona win the Champions League final together with the locals. I would have never had these experiences without Mihkel. Thank you! You made my trip much more interesting.”

Edith Eller

“I never liked seafood but the restaurant Mihkel sent us was amazing. I found out that not that I don’t like seafood but I don’t like bad seafood. Now the problem is that I never find something as good back in Estonia :(“

Timo Laur

“For my birthday my friends sent me to Barcelona. I hiked in the mountains, met mountain goats, ate delicious sea monsters, socialised with catalans and rocked next to a dude playing air guitar with a prosthetic leg. Wouldn’t have been the same experience without Mihkel.

Kristian Kruuser

What’s happening in Barcelona

Piromusical la Mercé 2015 Barcelona

Piromusical 2015 La Mercé Barcelona

I don’t know how much you have seen fireworks concert. Yeah. It sounds strange but it’s fireworks synchronised with music. And that’s exactly what they do in Barcelona as they are quite big fans of all things related to fireworks. Yesterday tons of people gathered around Placa Espanya to see the finale for the biggest […]

Roberth Whitworth flow-motion timelapse Barcelona short film

Short film on Barcelona

Mr Rob Whitworth made a stunning flow-motion short film about Barcelona with 26,014 photos. Enjoy!  

Correfoc in Barcelona La Mercé

Correfoc / Fire-run in Barcelona

Catalans have some crazy traditions. One of them is the old pagan ritual called correfoc, which means fire-run. So people dress up as devils and dragons, light up firecrackers, wave them around spreading fire around people around you and then the crackers explode. And they light news ones again and you jump and run with, around […]

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I help you discover the hidden pearls of Barcelona

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