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11328975_883071091730536_71245354_nI’m Mihkel and I’m a sun addict. November 2011 I was tired and overworked. I looked outside at the grey skies from the apartment shared with my friend and his girlfriend in the midst of concrete jungle in Estonia and acknowledged, that I haven’t seen sun in three weeks. That moment was the turning point. I must locate myself as fast as possible under the sun somewhere.

I opened Google Maps right away and check the Mediterranean countries where I could go fast and cheap. Flights to Greece were scarse and language is too different, I’m not a huge fan of pasta and bread so Italy was out. Third options was Spain, where there are many and cheap flights and learning español is also useful. As a newbie and without any language skills going to Madrid or Barcelona sounded the best. Barcelona is by the sea I had a winner! Whooho! Time: 2 minutes.

I opened hastily Ryanair website and thought I should still be in Estonia for Christmas, my birthday and New Year and booked my one-way ticket for 7th of January 2012. Total time from weather examination to booking tickets: ~10 minutes.

I asked my Facebook friends if anybody knows anybody in Bcn who rents a room. According to the laws of the Universe my estonian friend who studied in Milano had a friend who lived in Bcn and who had a friend renting a room. What’s there to think? I booked the room and on 7th of January jumped with my only suitcase on the plane and flew first time to Spain to meet someone called Bruno who rents a room for me.

Years later I’m still based in Barcelona and discover more and more it’s hidden secrets and charms.

Sorry Ivo, that happens if you don't know where to go eating
Sorry Ivo, that happens if you don’t know where to go eating

I’ve done all the mistakes, that first time visitors and future locals make (Ivo, I’m sorry about the greasy pork bone, it was my first month in Bcn) and found awesome alternatives that I want to share with You. Come visit, book the tour and I’ll show you my own Barcelona.

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